PM Forum East of England Committee

PM Forum East of England

An East of England Regional Committee has been formed by PM Forum to help bring the professional services marketing and BD community across the region together. 

Under the dynamic leadership of Co-Chairs Shaun Nichols and Christopher Broom and Regional Directors Daniel Kondras and Matthew Rowe, the group is set to have a substantial impact in the region.

Shaun Nichols, Co-Chair of the East of England Committee, said: “Our vision is ambitious: to transform this committee into a regional powerhouse, encouraging collaboration, learning, and meaningful connections. In this inaugural year, we are actively seeking enthusiastic individuals to join our team and be part of this transformative journey.”

“With so many brilliant professional services firms within our region we have a lot to celebrate and a huge amount of expertise to share. Plans are now underway to hold our first event in Cambridge in early 2024. We’d love to see as many regional members there as possible,” added Matthew Rowe, Regional Director of the East of England Committee.

PM Forum is a regionally-based professional body dedicated to raising the standards of professional services marketing and to enhancing the credibility of marketers working in the sector worldwide.

If you’d like to learn more about PM Forum East of England please get in touch.

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